How To Fix ‘Home is Currently Unavailable’ on Firestick

Error message screen stating 'Home is Currently Unavailable' with a network error notice and a suggestion to check the device's internet settings or contact customer service.

Struggling with the ‘Home is Currently Unavailable’ error on your Fire Stick?

This issue is usually due to network problems, but don’t worry, it’s fixable.

Follow these simple steps I’ve put together, and you’ll have your Fire Stick back in action in no time.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting:

Step 1: Restart or Reset Your Fire Stick

Encountering the ‘Home is Currently Unavailable’ message on your Fire Stick can often be resolved with a simple restart or reset. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Step 1.1: Performing a Quick Restart:

My Fire TV menu highlighting 'Restart' option with an arrow and description to restart the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

To quickly restart your Fire Stick, you have two options:

  • Via the Menu: Navigate to ‘Settings’, then select ‘My Fire TV’. Here, you’ll find an option to restart your device.
  • Using the Remote: Alternatively, you can press the play/pause and select buttons on your remote together and hold them for about five seconds. Your Fire Stick will reboot automatically.

Step 1.2: Opting for a Factory Reset

My Fire TV settings highlighting 'Reset to Factory Defaults' option with an arrow and a description on how it removes all personal data and content.

If your Fire Stick has been in use for a long time, or if you’re experiencing issues due to limited storage, a factory reset might be necessary. This process will restore the device to its original settings, as it was when new.

Important Note on Factory Reset: Before proceeding with a factory reset, be aware that this action will erase all content and apps on your Fire Stick. It’s a comprehensive reset that wipes the slate clean, so ensure you’ve backed up any important data or noted down any apps you wish to reinstall afterward.

Step 2: Forget and Reconnect to the Network

When the error on your Fire Stick persists even after a network scan, the next effective step is to reset your Wi-Fi connection.

This involves ‘forgetting’ your current network and then reconnecting to it, which can often resolve connectivity issues. Here’s how to do it:

Step 2.1: Accessing Network Settings

On your Fire Stick, go to the main ‘Settings’ menu. From there, navigate to the ‘Network’ option. This is where you can manage all Wi-Fi-related settings.

Step 2.2: Forgetting the Wi-Fi Network

Network settings showing a connected Wi-Fi network with an arrow pointing to an option to check network status and another to forget the network.

In the ‘Network’ settings, scroll to find your current Wi-Fi network. Then click on the menu button to remove the network from your Fire Stick’s memory.

Step 2.3: Reconnecting to Your Network

After ‘forgetting’ the network, you’ll need to reconnect. This is just like setting up a new Wi-Fi connection.

Select your network from the list of available networks, then enter your Wi-Fi password. Make sure to enter it correctly, as incorrect passwords are a common cause of connectivity problems.

Step 3: Check IP Address

This might sound technical, but it’s a straightforward process that can reveal a lot about your network’s health.

Step 3.1: Access Firestick’s Network Information

My Fire TV menu with an arrow highlighting 'About' where users can view and manage device information and updates.

On your Firestick, navigate to ‘Settings’, then select ‘My Fire TV’. From there, go to ‘About’.

Choose ‘Network’. This path leads you to your device’s network details.

Step 3.2: Locate and Examine the IP Address

Fire TV network settings and red arrow pointing on the IP address

In the network information, you’ll find the IP address of your Firestick. Typically, a standard home network IP address starts with ‘192’.

This sequence indicates that your Firestick is properly communicating with your home network.

Step 3.3: Identify Potential Router Issues

If the IP address begins with ‘169’, this is often a sign of router-related problems.

In technical terms, this means your Firestick is unable to obtain a proper IP address from your router, which is essential for connecting to the internet.

If it’s your case you can follow this tutorial to fix the issue.

Step 4: Reset The Router

If you’ve tried the previous steps and your Firestick still displays the error, resetting your router could be the solution. This might sound technical, but it’s quite straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

Step 4.1: Locate Your Router

Find your internet router, which is usually a small box connected to your modem or directly to your internet line.

Step 4.2: Power Off

Turn off your router by pressing the power button or unplugging it from the power source. This action will temporarily disconnect your internet.

Step 4.3: Wait for a Minute

After turning off the router, wait for about 60 seconds. This pause allows the router to fully reset and clear any minor glitches.

Step 4.4: Power On

Turn your router back on by pressing the power button again or plugging it back into the power source.

Step 4.5: Reconnect Your Devices

Allow a few minutes for the router to restart and re-establish an internet connection. Then, reconnect your Firestick and other devices to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Review Security Settings

Network settings detailing Wi-Fi connection with an arrow pointing to the security type 'WPA2 PSK'.

Ensuring your router uses the correct security protocol is crucial for a seamless connection with your Firestick.

Many modern devices, including the Firestick, still perform best with WPA2 PSK. (And there have been many people mentioning that Firestick is not connecting to the network if you are using WPA3)

Step 5.1: Access Your Router Settings

Log into your router’s interface, typically through a web browser. You’ll need the router’s IP address and login credentials, which are often found on the device itself or in its manual.

Step 5.2: Navigate to Security Settings

Once logged in, look for the Wi-Fi or security settings. This section allows you to configure how your router protects your network.

Step 5.3: Select WPA2 PSK

In the security settings, find the option for encryption or security protocol. Choose ‘WPA2 PSK’ from the list of available options.

If your router does not support WPA2 PSK, it might be time to consider upgrading your hardware for better performance and security.

Step 5.4: Save and Apply Changes

After selecting WPA2 PSK, save your changes and allow the router to reboot if necessary. This will ensure the new settings take effect.

Step 5.5: Reconnect Your Firestick

Once your router is back online with the updated settings, reconnect your Firestick to your Wi-Fi network and check if the issue is resolved.

For a more detailed guide on router security check this article from Norton

Step 6: Deregister and Reregister Your Fire Stick

Sometimes, the key to resolving the error is resetting your Firestick’s registration.

This process refreshes your device’s connection with your Amazon account and can often clear up lingering issues. Here’s how to do it:

Step 6.1: Access Your Account Information

Account & Profile settings showing a greeting to a user named Lukasz and highlighting the Amazon Account option with an arrow.

In the settings menu, find and select ‘Account & Profile Settings”. This option gives you access to your Amazon account details on the Firestick.

Step 6.2: Deregister Your Device

Amazon Account settings with an arrow pointing to 'Deregister' option and a description of the process and its effects on the device.

Under your account name, you’ll see an option to ‘Deregister’. Select this to remove your Firestick from your Amazon account.

A confirmation message will appear; confirm that you want to deregister.

Step 6.3: Reregister Your Firestick

Amazon Account deregistration confirmation prompt with options to 'Deregister' or 'Cancel' and a detailed explanation of deregistration.

Once deregistered, you’ll be prompted to register your Firestick again. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in with your Amazon account credentials. This step re-links your Firestick with your account.

Step 6.4: Check for Resolution

After reregistering, navigate back to the home screen. Check if the error message is resolved and if you can access your Firestick’s features as normal.

Contact Amazon Support for Personalized Assistance

If you’ve diligently followed all the previous steps and the error on your Fire Stick persists, it may be time to seek direct assistance from Amazon Support.

Their team can offer personalized help and potentially identify issues that are specific to your device or account.

Closing Thoughts

This simple fix can quickly resolve the ‘Home is Currently Unavailable’ error on your Fire Stick. Most of the time, this issue is due to the Wi-Fi being turned off, and re-establishing the network connection is all that’s needed.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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